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Friday, May 27, 2011

malika sherawat wallpaper

malika sherawat wallpaper. malika sherawat wallpaper.
  • malika sherawat wallpaper.

  • DynaFXD
    Mar 24, 11:56 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I ordred mine Saturday morning (day after launch) and am still waiting, as are others, hopefully this will make the ship dates be the minimum listed time and not the max... don't want to wait till the 7th of April :(

    If you have any retail outlets nearby, watch the inventory tracker thread. I was 4 weeks out until I found one, almost literally, next door. Worth a shot

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  • OrangeSVTguy
    Apr 2, 07:00 AM

    One question, are you using just the one PSU? I'm guessing you'll be running it pretty close to the limit for 24*7, especially if the cards are OCed.

    Good luck!

    I will be using my 1600w, 1200w till I run a dedicated 20amp outlet :p

    My 850 corsair has no problems handling 3 OC'd 460s and OC'd 970.

    malika sherawat wallpaper. malika sherawat wallpaper.
  • malika sherawat wallpaper.

  • Eduardo1971
    Mar 24, 11:25 AM
    Im waiting for the negative comments on something thats just plain' ol good news.

    This is lame! I don't care about the iPad 2-I want to know more rumours about the iPad 3 and its release.

    There. Happy?:D

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  • true777
    Sep 5, 03:43 PM
    Mwsf '07.

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  • Flowbee
    Jan 10, 11:17 AM
    Definitely a fun little get-together. One interesting discovery... :rolleyes: and :p are more effective in forums than in the real world. Still, it was nice to be able to speak my mind without fear of being banned.:p

    A couple of FYIs - A few people expressed interest in meeting again today at the Horseshoe. There's a "Best of Show" event that ends at 3:45, so the meet-up prolly won't happen until around 4:00.

    Also: we discovered that there's a registration table set up right in front of the designated Horseshoe booth. Don't let that deter you... you can walk behind the table to get to the booth.

    malika sherawat wallpaper. malika sherawat wallpaper. sherawat wallpaper tags; sherawat wallpaper tags. snberk103. Apr 15, 02:38 PM  If your argument is that security changes post
  • malika sherawat wallpaper. sherawat wallpaper tags; sherawat wallpaper tags. snberk103. Apr 15, 02:38 PM If your argument is that security changes post

  • TannerH
    Apr 5, 08:47 PM
    That Is So Sad!

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  • sebgreen
    Mar 8, 04:35 PM
    Can anyone tell me what kind of RAM I have to buy for a late 2008 MBP? On Crucial it won't tell me because their website thinks that this machine only supports 4 GB... Can I just get the 8GB RAM kit for the mid-2009 MBPs?

    I didin't get my ram from crucial, but I did use that spec from their site for the ram. Just match the spec of the ram and you should be fine.

    I just got 2 of these:http://www.microdirect.co.uk/Home/Product/44639/Corsair-Memory-4GB-SODIMM-DDR3-1066MHZ-204-pin

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  • r-m
    Apr 27, 10:22 AM
    I took this to mean traffic as in network traffic. iOS devices, and all new smartphones, utilize a lot of network traffic. It wouldn't surprise me if they were looking at more robust ways of utilizing traffic, compression, etc. I'm not sure how they would collect traffic data. I suppose if they see a cell signal sitting in the same place for 20 minutes, it would reflect a traffic jam. But then again, they could have parallel parked and went to go grab a Starbucks.

    Yeah I'm with you (and the other's who've said similar) on this.
    This has been misinterpreted. I'm sure they'll just mean network/data traffic. Things like response times, dropouts, average data transfers, etc, so maybe they'll build in some sort of compression for apps that are data intensive.

    There's no way to distinguish between whether the user is a pedestrian or in a vehicle.
    Could be a cyclist flying along roads, or a person jogging, at the same pace as a car stuck in traffic. Has the car stopped because of heavy traffic, or because they can't hold it in any longer!!

    There's way to many variables to consider for this to be about them collecting road traffic information.

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  • rickdollar
    Apr 21, 04:08 PM
    Internet data usage is increasing and internet data caps are decreasing. This doesn't seem good...

    I agree. I'm not interested in using what little bandwidth the phone company gives me to play music I could just transfer to my phone from my computer.

    I hope it's more than that.

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  • FlyReeves
    Mar 28, 11:14 AM
    SD, I've stuck with Leopard because I use a Duel Adapter to download Panasonic P2 cards via express card slot. An upgrade to Snow Leopard would break this functionality and I'd have to use the camera via FW or USB to download. That would be quite an inefficient use of precious shoot time on set.

    I've considered a dual Leopard/SL boot set-up but haven't gotten around to trying it. I did try the Duel Adapter under a Windows/Boot Camp scenario but it didn't work. I'd love to upgrade, but at this point, it's more trouble than it's worth for me.

    If anyone has an old 15" Powerbook they want to donate to the cause, I'd upgrade my 5,1 to SL w/ 8gb ram in a heartbeat!



    Even odder, IMO, why would someone stick with Leopard on any Intel Mac is beyond me. Upgrade to Snow Leopard already! It's stable and generally uses *less* resources than Leopard on the same hardware. I loathe using my Leopard based machines at this point.

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  • AlligatorBloodz
    Apr 21, 09:15 PM
    Another post afflicted with apple content profits fallacy. The ONLY reason apple will restrict it to only new purchases is because of music company licensing restrictions. As the recent numbers revealed, apple makes a pittance on the iTunes store. At least the folks displaying this fallacy with apps have the fair argument that promoting app sales makes the iOS platform sticky. With the absolutely drm free music sold in the iTunes store, there is no advantge for apple to sell music.

    This also ignores apple's history completely. One reason media companies hated apple was because they added cd ripping software straight in their flagship music player software. But not just that, they promoted the Mac by marketing its ability to easily rip music CDs.

    Fallacy. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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  • macfan881
    Nov 12, 07:56 PM
    I more mean that you can pick and chose with Move. For example, I already have a PlayStation Eye from years ago (and so do a fair few people), so if I were to invest in Move I'd simply need a controller to do the basics, and a navigator if I want to pimp it.

    The system scales, based on what you already have, and what you want to have. Whereas Kinect is �129, no matter what you own (Move for me would cost less than �70). I do agree however that Move is damn expensive if you need all the components and want 2 players...but then is there really any game worth that outlay right now? I do see Move as having the advantage of buttons though.

    I've had a go on Move, and although the controllers were obviously plastic, they felt no more so than every other game controller (DualShock, Wii Remote, 360 controller) under the sun. Kinect's technology is pretty impressive, I will totally admit.

    As we both agree, it does simply come down to the games. Killzone 3 may be the make or break of Move, as from what I've seen it'll be the first AAA title from Sony with Move support. Not sure what Microsoft's answer to that will be?

    [EDIT: http://kotaku.com/5688040/report-kinect-only-cost-56-to-make
    Seriously, $56 to make, selling at $149? Microsoft should have cut it to $99, still made a huge profit, and actually avoided the massive criticism of price. Totally insane]

    I agree I mean look at the Move you can get everything you need for $99 and the same price and extra controller. Its just MS typical Nickle and dime scheme.

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  • Eidorian
    Jul 12, 04:23 PM
    The Mac mini and iMac are in dire need of an update. The Mini doesn't really need a speed boost either. Just drop the price to $499 Solo and $599 Duo.

    malika sherawat wallpaper. malika sherawat wallpaper.
  • malika sherawat wallpaper.

  • vksong
    May 5, 07:01 AM
    I have updated, hope the battery life will last longer!
    location-tracking controversy is evil~

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  • itcheroni
    Mar 23, 02:12 AM
    This has been a pretty big question as of late...

    Why has there been no looting in Japan (ala New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina)

    why is there no looting in japan (http://caffertyfile.blogs.cnn.com/2011/03/15/why-is-there-no-looting-in-japan/)

    I think this may go a long way in explaining it.


    I would suggest we clear our minds of our political paradigm and try to understand that Japan is quite a different culture. For example, they may be incredibly diligent about recycling, but they also frequently burn their trash. The reason is they are a large population on an island. They are very green but it is out of necessity. I used to live in Japan and I would guess that it would be difficult to loot and then return to society after the crisis without severely diminished standing in the community. You would be with all your surviving friends and neighbors and if you suggested stealing from all the remaining houses, no one would look at you the same way. It is the basic concept of whether you would do something if you could get away with it. In a sense, a Japanese person cannot "get away with it" the way an American can. Their work, social, and family lives consist of the same 50 or so people.

    I remember having an enkai, "party," with my coworkers in Japan. It was one of my first nights there. Many of us were smoking. I tossed my butt onto the ground and looked around to see a few of them with their jaws dropped in shock. My Japanese friend casually picked up my butt and put it into his little portable ash tray. No one said anything because they were naturally thinking, "well that's just what foreigners do." I definitely made sure never to litter my cigarette butts ever again. I've lived in France as well, an equally smoking culture, with less inequality and better social services than the U.S. but they'll happily litter with ashtrays nearby and I'm sure they would loot as any American or Brit would. The Japanese culture seriously is a special case. You can't draw any conclusions based on what the Japanese do for what the U.S. should do. There are things that work in Japan that would never work in the U.S. and this no looting is simply a mark of their culture.

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  • marvel2
    Jun 9, 05:55 PM
    ^^ I'd like to know this also

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  • fivepoint
    May 5, 01:25 PM
    What does this mean? :confused:

    Do you honestly foresee a war so catastrophic that it would wipe out the world's largest trading partner, 5% of the population, and the second oldest written Constitution?

    If America has been stubborn enough to survive a civil war continuous social conflict, and the metric system, it isn't going anywhere.

    Thanks for so clearly demonstrating what I pointed out in another thread:

    Amazing that so many in this country still have NO IDEA about what exactly made us different, what made us special, what made us the place for millions upon millions of legal immigrants to stream here after our founding. This is why conservatives feel that many liberals hate this country... When you ask liberals if they hate the country, they think of the people, and they think of the land, and they think "hell now, how dare you say I hate my country!" and it's true, they don't hate those things, they love them. However, these aren't the things that make America what it is. It isn't about land, it isn't about geography, it's about principles, it's about political philosophy. What made America different was the focus on the individual. The country was founded around individuals, individual responsibility, individual entrepreneurship, individual opportunity, individual liberty. It wasn't about big redistributive government, it wasn't about handouts and bailouts, it wasn't about pitting one group vs. another whether based on race or on social standing. Conservatives think Liberals hate America because their views are so often diametrically opposed to the foundational views the country was founded on. You can't be an advocate for personal liberty and for big-government at the same time. The two ideas stand at odds. You be an advocate for individual responsibility and advocate for an ever-expanding entitlement system which threatens to undercut the very fiscal foundation of the country at the same time. You can't be an advocate for individual opportunity and for rights based on groups at the same time. The two ideas stand at odds.

    Slavery is a phenomenon that could never be born out of a country that actually valued individuals and individual liberty, that knew all men were endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights. To blame slavery on small government is a joke, it takes big government which controls its populous and doesn't defend basic human liberties.

    America is not a bunch of people, it's not a defined by geography. What makes America, America, is a set of ideals, philosophies based around individual liberty and small limited government. Glocke is likely right that some day America as we know it will be gone, over run by people's constant desire to have other people provide for them and for the misguided efforts of those who consider themselves as protectors of the weak. The very people mentioned in my signature.

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  • DarkForces
    Apr 28, 10:08 AM
    concidering this is china, i expect the death penalty.

    funny, too, that i still can't find decent ipad 2 cases.

    So true about a decent case. I have yet to find one.

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  • NYR99
    Jan 14, 10:39 PM
    Here's mine. Been using it for quite a while now.
    You can find it on interfacelift.

    YES! That is my favorite wallpaper of all time! I have been using it for a long time now. I also use it on my iPhone with Parallex and it is sexy.

    Jul 31, 03:30 AM
    I don't often drink beer...but when I do, it's NOT Budweiser.

    Stay thirsty, my friends.

    Apr 15, 04:09 PM
    They said the same thing about Graphic Design, 3D (Gaming and SFX) and Web-Authoring. Once these options were easily available to the kids in high-school, a lot of us thought that the market would be saturated.
    Ive had the task of interviewing and working with the younger gens for the past 10 years. I also get to teach them at local college.
    Old or new, they all have to apply for a job;)
    My point was that people who have never used 'the old ways' will find it easier to pick up the newer metaphors.

    Oct 15, 01:26 AM
    Business customers will get it before the end of the year. It will be a half arsed release that even Microsoft doesn't expect anyone to actually deploy,...
    Have you actually used the Vista RC builds? Hardly half-assed.

    Vista will be ready soon. Unfortunately, there isn't enough time to get Vista loaded onto systems for the Saturnalia buying orgy - so Microsoft was forced to delay the consumer release until after the winter solstice.

    In any event, this will probably mean that in January that Vista will be a pretty solid system. Microsoft will be able to find and fix issues found during the business rollout, so that the January release can be "service pack 1", or at least contain a patch rollup.

    It seems to me that the .1 updates to OSX have come pretty soon after release for the 10.3 and 10.4 - so there's nothing new about a bunch of odd problems showing up when a new system is released to the public.

    Jan 10, 06:34 AM


    Apple OC
    May 1, 04:14 PM
    Here is Princeton's definition of an empire.

    Image (http://www.anunews.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/aa-American-empire-map-of-bases-around-world.jpg)

    Kind of looks like America is an empire, doesn't it? America has a military presence all around the world. That's like Rome who had a military presence all around the then known world. At the beginning of 2000, America was so powerful and had so much money under Bill Clinton's control, that if it wanted to, they could have taken over the whole world.

    America is not an empire in the sense of Rome ... They may be vocal on democracy for other nations but they are not looking to conquer other countries and take them under American rule ... America does not wish to take over the world.